AWS Summit 2019: Organic Architecture: Keep your Business Agile while Deploying Hundreds of Microservices on AWS by Tobias Kunze, Glasnostic & Christoph Kassen, AWS

As engineering organizations respond to business demands with increasingly decoupled development, architects are faced with an organically growing mesh of applications that defies big design up front. While such organic architecture affords a great deal of agility, it is also prone to complex emerging behaviors that must be brought under control. In this talk, we present real-world examples of organic architecture from the domains of connected cars, information security, and IT modernization. We discuss the particular architectural challenges of each, AWS technologies such as ECS and EKS used to solve them and demonstrate the essential operational abilities needed to tie everything together. Attendees will learn how to adopt an organic architectural style while remaining in control of its complex behaviors.

AWS Summit 2019: Microservices on AWS: Architectural Patterns and Best Practices by Sascha Moellering, AWS

Microservices are an architectural and organizational approach to software development where software is composed of small independent services that communicate over well-defined APIs. Microservices architectures make applications easier to scale and faster to develop, enabling innovation and accelerating time-to-market for new features. Customers need a set of patterns to help them identify how they can leverage AWS to deploy their microservices architectures. This session describes reusable microservices best practices and patterns that can help you recognize candidates for microservices architectures in your own organizations and understand areas of potential savings and increased agility.

AWS Summit 2019: The Scout24 Data Platform: A Technical Deep Dive by Dr. Sean Gustafson & Raffael Dzikowski, Scout24 AG

The Scout24 Data Platform powers all reporting, ad hoc analytics and machine learning products at AutoScout24 and ImmobilienScout24. In this talk, we will take a technical deep dive into our modern, cloud-based big data platform. We will discuss our evolution of approaches to ingestion, ETL, access control, reporting and machine learning with a focus on in-the-trenches learnings gained from our many failures and successes as we migrated from a traditional Oracle Data Warehouse to an AWS-based data lake.

AWS Summit 2019: Think you are ready for Microservices? by Markus Kaiser, AWS

These days, Microservices seem to be the silver bullet of system architecture. And didn't Netflix, Amazon, and others demostrate that you can iterate at start-up speed by adopting this principle? This session provides a critical discurs about benefits, drawbacks, and pre-requisites of Microservices - or in short: what to consider before adopting a Microservices architecture.

AWS Summit 2019: From Idea to Customers by Daniel Geske, AWS

Do you have an idea for an app but don't know where to start? In this session, we walk you through the process of taking your idea to reality, and we show you all the infrastructure you need to understand along the way. We also show you how AWS platform services and SDKs can help you get to a quality release faster and then scale for success with serverless technologies. In addition, we demonstrate how you can build a scalable production-ready app quickly with GraphQL and machine language capabilities.