How to build processes and culture in the team (Part 2)

What is the team's culture?

How to build processes and culture in the team (Part 1)

As a Team Leader or Engineering Manager, you aim to help the teams you lead to build the most effective processes for every team activity. These easy steps will help you to start, execute and improve.

The hidden truth of soft skills: make them work for you

Soft skills are usually not listed in requirements for a job, but they are definitely necessary. This article will summarize which soft skills are necessary for team leads and which for teammates.

Team and Tech Lead in Scrum Teams

Scrum does not have a team or tech lead role defined, but many companies have this role and still have scrum processes in place. Is this role needed or scrum teams can organise their work without a lead? Read more to find out...

Job of your dreams: reality or illusion?

Have you ever asked yourself if you are happy at work? if you are happy with your choice? This acticle will help to understand why do we have to be happy at work and how to find a job which will inspire you.