How to build processes and culture in the team (Part 2)

What is the culture?

I recommend to read "Debugging Teams" by Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman to lear more. Just few words from this book:

When you hear the word culture, your thoughts typically wander to either an evening at the opera or the dish of jelly growing bacteria that you had back in high school biology. It turns out that engineering team culture isn’t all that different from the latter.

But a team’s culture isn’t just the way in which team members tackle their work, write code, or treat one another: it’s a set of shared experiences, values, and goals that is unique to every engineering team we’ve ever been on or observed. The founding members of a team or company define the biggest part of a team’s culture, but it will continue to change and develop over the life of the team.

What could be considered as a culture in a software development team?

  1. Code review culture

  2. review each others code to learn and to improve code quality

  3. code review team sessions, where each member can present their's code to the team

  4. Knowledge sharing sessions

  5. talks or workshops prepared by someone from the team

  6. pair programming sessions

  7. CI and CD

  8. Documentation

  9. Testing

Used sources and books to read

  1. "The Manager's Path: A Guide for Tech Leaders Navigating Growth and Change" by Camille Fournier
  2. "Debugging Teams" by Brian W. Fitzpatrick, Ben Collins-Sussman
  3. "Clean Agile: Back to Basics" by by Robert Cecil Martin
  4. "The Phoenix Project" by Gene Kim, George Spafford, and Kevin Behr
  5. Photo by Jake Givens on Unsplash