AWS Summit 2019: Organic Architecture: Keep your Business Agile while Deploying Hundreds of Microservices on AWS by Tobias Kunze, Glasnostic & Christoph Kassen, AWS

What is organic architecture?

The core is always agile organization: deliver fast and with self manageable teams. If you adapt to the needs of enterprise + technologies, then you will be organic.

Does the organic architecture exists?

Pioneers in organic architecture are Airbnb, Linkedin, Netflix, Pinterest, Yelp, Uber, Lyft, Amazon and many more.

Organic Architecture is not just Amazon!


  • heterogeneous environments;
  • historically grown;
  • connected application, shared services;
  • generations of integrations;
  • transformation needs;
  • continuous modernization.

Benefits of the organic architecture:

  • supports agile enterprise
  • exhibits Emergent Behaviours.

Behaviours are:

  • large-scale;
  • real-time;
  • conversational.

 Benefits of ​two-pizza teams:

  • full ownership
  • full accountability
  • focus on innovation