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PyConDE 2018: "Python Dependency Management" by Patrick Muehlbauer

Notes from PyConDE 2018 in Karlsruhe.
Summary of the most popular dependency management python tools.

PyConDE 2018: eCommerce with Django Oscar by Alexander Gaevsky

Notes from PyConDE 2018 in Karlsruhe.
Best practices in eCommerce.
How to create simple app with Django Oscar and further path to success...

PyConDE 2018: "A Day Has Only 24+-1 Hours. import pytz" by Miroslav Šedivý

Notes from PyConDE 2018 in Karlsruhe.
How to use pytz, best practices and advices.

How to terminate process in Python?

Reading official documentation

Multiprocessing is a package that supports spawning processes using an API similar to the threading module. The multiprocessing package offers both local and remote concurrency, effectively side-stepping the Global Interpreter Lock by using subprocesses instead of threads. Due to this, the multiprocessing module allows the programmer to …

Let's talk about Decorators in Python

To use it not to use decorators in your code - that's the question:
whether it will help or damage your app...