AWS Summit: How to break the monolith with Dynatrace by Andreas Grabner?

Challenges on that "Migration" Journey

  • More Agile
  • More quality
  • More stability

Answer the questions after moving to services:

  1. Works as expected
  2. Does it scale?
  3. Does it perform?

To start your migration - first understand your monolith as it could have hidden dependencies and so on. Put your projects into backets (s,m,l t-shirt size). Before making any modifications - learn how services/components are coupled with each other (how many request calls between them, who is calling, when, check important endpoints from load and CPU consumption perspective). Describe call pattern details, execution process with all the dependencies, describe all endpoints. Run tests constantly and compare monolith and any changes you made to decouple it. Keep a constant eye on your architecture to keep it manageable, check what runs where and how are the instances calling each other.